Kathie Durst: The Untold Truth About The Lost Wife Of Robert Durst

No longer with REX USA. Credit: HBO The case of the missing wife of real estate heir, Robert Durst, is being reopened by investigators. The lead suspect in the 1982 disappearence of Kathleen Durst is her husband, due to new evidence. Kathleen Durst and Robert Durst. THE CASE OF ROBERT DURST'S MISSING WIFE KATHLEEN, AMERICA

Robert Durst is a famous American real estate heir and suspected serial killer, the son of New York City businessman Seymour Durst and the elder brother of Douglas Durst, head of the Durst Organization.

Kathie Durst who was the wife of Robert Durst disappeared in 1982.

Due to the disappearance of Kathie, Robert has been faced with litigations. He has been accused of shooting Berman to allegedly stop her from incriminating him in the disappearance of his first wife, Kathleen McCormack Durst.

Robert Durst has remained adamant that he had nothing to do with his wife’s disappearance and pled not guilty to the first-degree murder charge for Berman’s case.

Kathie was on the verge of extricating herself from what friends described as a controlling, abusive Durst when she vanished in 1982.

Robert did not report the disappearance for four days, and his accounts of the last time he saw his wife in their Westchester County home kept changing and did not hold up to scrutiny.

The police were stumped, but after several of Kathie’s friends undertook their own investigation, their homes were burglarized and relevant materials were stolen.

Written by Jackson Mridha

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