Olivia Nuzzi Husband ( Ryan Lizza Wife) Parents, Salary, Net Worth

Born in New York City, the United States, Olivia Nuzzi is a famous reporter. The gorgeous blonde lady serves as the Washington correspondent for New York Magazine.

It’s hard for any female to pursue a career in political journalism. Meanwhile, Olivia has set an example who dream of a career in journalism as well as in politics.

With a bold nature and lucrative personality, the lady has been an inspiration to several out there. But her way to the top of her career wasn’t an easy one. They say success doesn’t come overnight. Similarly, Olivia had a lot in giving to enjoy fame as in today’s date.

As a successful reporter and White House correspondent, Olivia has left many wondering about her love life and affairs.

Is Olivia Nuzzi a married woman or is dating her boyfriend? Let’s get to know about Nuzzi’s personal life here.

Is Olivia Nuzzi Married? Is Ryan Lizza her Husband?

When someone gets into the journalism society at a young age, it’s quite determined for them to get into the limelight. Likewise, Olivia has now turned to a celebrity following her work in several media houses.

Moreover, serving as the New York Magazine’s correspondent for White Hosue, Olivia caught the attention of many. Those in politics and in journalism, they are well aware of her abilities.

While the lady has successfully impressed the critics and her colleagues, what’s with her love life.

The New York Magazine political writer and reporter has caught the eyes of many. But it’s Olivia to chose the perfect match for herself. So far, it’s still unclear whether she is a married woman or is dating her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Olivia is often spotted with a guy named Ryan Lizza on her Instagram page.

Looks like the two are into something.

Is Ryan Lizz’s Olivia’s husband or are they dating? The gorgeous lady is yet to open up about her love life in the public.

Who Are Nuzzi’s Parents?

The gorgeous TV journalist is the daughter of Kelly Nuzzi and late John Nuzzi. Her late father, John, was a Brooklyn native. John died on December 2015, according to her official Wikipedia page.

She grew up in New Jersey alongside her brother, Jonathan Nuzzi.

Her mother currently lives in River Plaza, Middletown Township, New Jersey. While, Nuzzi lives in Washington, D.C.

The political writer graduated from Middleton High School South. She began her writing career in 2011, at the age of 17. Back then, she worked as a monthly columnist for a weekly paper, triCityNews.

In 2013, she joined Fordham University.

Details About Olivia Nuzzi’s Salary and Net Worth in 2019

Standing 5 feet and 6 inches tall, Olivia is one of the popular faces in American journalism society.

She began her writing career during her teens and is currently 26 years old. Active in the industry for the last decade, the lady must have amassed a colossal sum.

Meanwhile, the exact figure of Olivia Nuzzi’s net worth and annual salary are still under review.

According to, a political writer based in the States makes up to $43,559 per year. This means. Olivia makes a hefty sum working as a political writer.

Moreover, she is also a reporter.

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