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Sigh Of Relief: No, Mary Wiseman Is Not Leaving Star Trek Discovery – Is She Pregnant Though?

Fans are heaving a sigh of relief since Mary Wiseman is not leaving the Star Trek Discovery show. But news of her pregnancy is taking the internet by storm now. 

Mary Wiseman is an American actress known for starring as Cadet then Lieutenant Sylvia Tilly,  in the Paramount+ science fiction drama series Star Trek: Discovery.

Moreover, Mary’s fans were shocked when rumors of her pregnancy started circulating on the internet.

Here is more on Pennsylvania native who had dreamed of being on stage since she was a child. 

Is Tilly On Star Trek Discovery Pregnant?

Tilly, played by Mary Wiseman on Star Trek Discovery is not pregnant. Mary’s fans are curious to know if she is indeed expecting a little one but the rumors are false.

The rumors started and spread like wildfire when some fanatics of Star Trek Discovery found out that Mary gained a few pounds between the seasons.

But there have not been any clues or pregnancy announcements from Mary or her husband Noah in interviews or on their social media profiles. Her recent pictures do not have a visible baby bump either.

Some are using the pregnancy rumors to body shame her but Mary is not the person to let stupid gossips drown her energy and confidence.

Additionally, she often talks about body image and how it relates to her acting career.

They even made an insensitive statement calling her an advocate of an unhealthy lifestyle but But some kind souls defended her and shut down the negative remarks.

No, Mary Wiseman Is Not Leaving Star Trek Discovery 

Mary Wiseman is not leaving The Star Trek Discovery show and she will still be around as a series regular. The rumor of her leaving are not valid, as she is still a regular cast.

Although spoilers have somewhat indication as she is in danger while doing a routine mission for the newly reformed Starfleet Academy. But she is far away from leaving the show.

In the series, she suffers from the danger and near-loss of all the cadets, including Adira. It forces her to do some soul-searching since the season premiere.

By the end of the episode, she makes the decision to teach at Starfleet Academy instead of going on the USS Discovery.

So for now, she is not quitting the show and we have more to watch her grow in the series.

Meet Mary Wiseman Husband Noah Aberback-Katz 

Mary Wiseman is married to her husband Noah Aberback-Katz on 16 February 2019. The couple met when they were both studying in Julliard where they were classmates and soon they started dating around 2013.

Furthermore, Mary admitted to being queer and loved people of all genders.

Noah also starred on Star Trek: Discovery alongside his wife. He appeared in episodes throughout the third season including Scavengers, The Sanctuary, and There is a Tide.

He has also starred in Bread Factory Part 1 and Part 2, a small-town theater that influences the lives of a tight-knit community.

Written by Jackson Mridha

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