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What happened To Briony May Williams? Her Disability Explored

Briony May Williams, a host of Channel 4 popular show Food Unwrapped, is born with a disability; she is born with limb difference. Her right arm is fine, but her left arm stops at the wrist.

Briony May William is appreciated and taken as an inspiration by many because she conquered the physical limitation brought upon her by the disability. For her extraordinary achievements despite the disability, she has also been listed in Disability Power 100 List 2021.

In Food Unwrapped, Briony goes place to taste foods and drinks in the U.K. She has also appeared in popular shows like Loose Women, The Steph Show, Beautiful Bakes With Juliet Sear, Blue Peter, and others.

Besides cooking, she loves outdoor running; she has participated in several marathons.

What Disability Does Briony May Williams Have?

By birth, Briony May Williams had a disability; her left and right limbs are unequal. Her left arm stops at the wrist, to which she often refers as a “little hand.” She was born in 1985 and ages 36 years old now. 

She says that her mother raised her so that she never felt oppressed because of the differences she had. She credits her mother for the position she currently stands on.

Many might expect that her disability might have made her an easy target for bullying; however, this was not the case. She says that she was fortunate to have good friends who did not see her as any different from them and treated her like everybody. Her schooling was done in an all-girl school.

Briony studied Spanish and French at Durham University and the University of Bristol. After her postgraduation at the University of Bristol, she was a certified secondary school teacher of Spanish and French.

What Happened To Her Hand?

Briony May Williams’s hand disability was from her birth. However, she has achieved heights despite her disability and has become one of the successful cooks in Britain.

Her bakery journey started after being diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome in 2013. When she was resting, she started watching YouTube videos of the bakery and started to bake.

Initially, she started bakery as something that would keep her mind busy while fighting her disease, but later she fell in love with it and competed in the Great British Bake Off in 2018.

She firmly believes that disability should not be the highlight of a person, but their ability should. Due to this reason, she did not use her disability topic in Bake Off. She also mentions that she likes most about Food Wrapper because the show has nothing to do with her disability.

Written by Jackson Mridha

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