Who is richer between Batman and Ironman?

Batman and Ironman are two fan-favorite fictional characters best known for their vast amount of wealth in their respective DC and Marvel Comic universes.

However, the estimate of the riches of these two superheroes has always been a debated topic until now.

Who is richer between Batman and Ironman?

A recent estimate by English bank Vanquis proved that Batman whose counterpart is playboy billionaire, Bruce Wayne is richer than Ironman, otherwise known as Tony Starks.

Based on their calculations, the CEO of Wayne Enterprises receives an annual salary estimated to be £751,566 ($988,902). Iron Man (the CEO of Los Angeles-based Stark Industries), on the other hand, has a yearly salary of £699,205 ($920,006).

Despite the estimate by Vanquis, Forbes had made earlier contradicting estimates in 2013 which actually placed Tony Stark above Batman’s worth. According to Forbes, Tony Stark has a net worth of $12.4 billion and his Stark Industries’ revenue equals $20.3 billion whereas Bruce Wayne is valued at $9.2 billion, with his company, Wayne Enterprises having annual revenue of $31.3 billion.

Here are other interesting facts about the expenditure of Batman and Iron Man;

    • An Iron Man suit is valued at $110,302,000 and is equivalent to approximately 104 Batsuit (which is worth $1,058,600 per head).
    • Batman has a more expensive fleet of vehicles. His motorcycle, tank car and helicopter cost $80,000,000 whereas Stark’s fleet totals $3,415,000.
    • Wayne’s estate cost Wayne $600 million to restore.
    • Batman spends $223,610 on weapons and gadgets. Three of his Batarangs cost about $1,000 and he also has a $250 “encrypted memory stick” on his expense list.
    • Stark’s spending, however, is way more expensive. With state-of-the-art arc reactors, gold and titanium exoskeleton suits, and reactive jet reflectors, Stark spends nearly $10,000,000 on his toys.

Written by Jackson Mridha

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