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If you are a crazy fan of Drake, my guess is, you already know who Zmeena Orr is. And, if you don’t, then, you might want to reconsider if you really love Drake.

Zmeena is an urban model. In the same way, she is an exotic dancer as well. And, she is one hell of a voluptuous woman.

Likewise, she has hit the spotlight ever since she was seen with Drake. Apparently, they were spotted leaving a restaurant together.

In the same way, this incident has been talked about a lot on the internet. And, people are curious about this woman. I mean, just look at her! Who would not be interested to know about her?

Zmeena Orr Age: She is Possibly 22 Years and Above

Most people want to know more details of her personal life. And, one of such things people are interested in is her age. Unluckily, there is no info about it.

However, according to one of her Instagram post, we found out that Zmeena Orr was born on the 12th of December. She might be 22 years and above. But it’s only a blind guess.

But, she has not revealed her year of birth. In this way, we are not aware of her age. So, all we can do is hope that she discloses her actual year of birth.

Zmeena Orr Wiki

Zmeena Orr is a woman who wears many hats. Hence, she works as an urban model and exotic dancer as well. In the same way, she is an entrepreneur too.

And, she had run a cafe in Rochelle, New York. The name of the cafe was Young N Juicy. However, it does not run nowadays. Likewise, Zmeena featured into an ad for her cafe too.

According to Bossip, she worked at a strip club, Lust. And, it is the same club Cardi B worked at before she rose to fame.

In the same way, she has featured in some adult videos as well.

Moreover, she has disclosed the reason behind her insanely thick body. She told that she has gone under the knife to get the body she has now.

Zmeena Orr Boyfriend

After seeing her, you might be wondering if Zmeena has a boyfriend or not. Well, that is for her to know and you to find out.

Until now, Zmeena has kept her private life quite exclusive. So, we do not know if she is in a relationship at the present.

How tall is Zmeena Orr’s Height?

Zmeena Orr has got quite the height. And, it is easy to see from her Instagram posts. However, we are not aware of her exact height.

If we have to make a wild guess, Orr might be over 5 feet and 5 inches. But, we are not really sure.

Zmeena’s Instagram

Zmeena has been able to garner people’s attraction. As a result, her Instagram account has a followers count of 1.5 million.

In the same way, her Instagram bio reads “Sapiosexual“. So, that means, intelligence turns her on.

And, as of now, she has 73 posts. Likewise, she follows 702 people on Instagram. In the same way, she posts videos and photos of herself.

Zmeena Orr Net Worth

Zmeena Orr has got a lot going in her life. She is a model, actress, and a dancer as well. So, her net worth must amount huge.

But, there is no exact info about her net worth. However, we know that her prime source of income comes from modeling and acting as well.

Her Bio

Zmeena Orr is a model, dancer, and an actress as well. In the same way, she is an entrepreneur too.

Likewise, she celebrates her birthday on the 12th of December.

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